Protests Against WalMart at St. Pete City Hall - Jen Germaine


Before the evening session of Thursdays St Petersburg City Council, about 80 protesters gathered outside city hall to rally against Walmart.

Walmart has proposed to build a new super center on wetlands off Gandy Blvd, in St. Petersburg, just 4 miles from the largest Walmart store in the country.

Although this issue has yet to come before the St Petersburg City Council, individuals gathered last night in a pre-emptive strike to let the council hear their objections.

The Attorney for the St Petersburg City council advised the public speakers and council members that, because the Walmart issue was not before to council, the council members could not consider the speakers comments in future decisions.

*attorney Woolf

But the individual continued to stand up and addressed the city council.

*public comments

Councilwoman Virginia Littrell spoke out when Acorn Chair for St Petersburg, Lamont Wright, objected to the community not being informed of Walmart’s plans until it is too late as it has occurred recently in Tarpon Springs.


The proposed Gandy Blvd Walmart must first be approved by the St Petersburg Environmental Development Commission, before being built.

If the EDC approves the land use, a majority of the City Council would have to vote against the proposal to stop the Walmart construction.

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