200 Years of Blocking the Black Vote in Florida

11/06/13 Warren Elly with Dr. Darryl Paulson
Last Call Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:
Tags: florida voter purges, Dr. Darryl Paulson, Florida politics, Florida elections, Suppressing the black vote


Today on Last Call we share the eye opening story of over a century of a bi-partisan political campaign dating to civil war days that continues even today, to suppress and limit black voting in Florida.

Warren Elly's guest Dr. Darryl Paulson, is a government professor emeritus at USF St. Petersburg and he is an expert on Florida Politics and Elections, he’s often cast as a republican political analyst.Dr. Paulson’s research shows a long history of suppression of black voting in Florida, with plenty of blame to go around and most important, some lessons for up-coming elections.

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