How much of the film "The New World" hew to reality? By Mitch E. Perry


“The New World� is only film Director Terence Malick’s 4th feature film, and his first in 7 years, since his World War II film, “A Thin Red Line�.

The film is about British explorer John Smith coming to America, the banks of the James River in Virginia in 1607, and establishing Jamestown- the first permanent English settlement in the America’s.

Events are starting later this year for the quadi-centennial of Jamestown and America’s 400th Anniversary.

Historian David Price wrote the book “Love and Hate in Jamestown�, and has written about the Jamestown colony for many years for National Geographic Online, and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

WMNF spoke to him this week, and asked him how close Terence Malick’s film, starring Colin Farrell and playing in movie theatres throughout the Tampa Bay Area, comes to the reality – such as the beginning , which shows an a soft peace between the English and Native Americans when they arrive in 1607? (roll tape#1 o.q.�have any survival skills�)

That’s historian David A. Price, speaking about Jamestown, Virginia, and its depiction in the new theatrical film, “The Lost World�, directed by Terence Malick. .

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