Over a dozen protestors greet President Bush by Mitch E. Perry


There were about 15 citizens who came out to protest the President’s appearance today, meeting at the corner of Dale Mabry Highway and Gandy Boulevard …Most of those came to demonstrate the U.S.’s involvement in Iraq, which in a few weeks will mark 3 years in Country…. ..

Vietnam Veteran Janis Josephine Carney sees many similarities between the current war and what the US is doing in Iraq right now (roll tape#1 o.q.�in one piece�)

And Carney says that the struggle in Iraq ending just like Vietnam did for the American military (roll tape#2 o.q.�and leave�)

Retired Airforce Major Deb Heading is veteran of both Vietnam and the First Gulf War……She’s now with the anti-war group Veterans for Peace, and is critical for the President re-directing the war on Terror on Iraq, and not Osama Bin Laden (roll tape#3 o.q�what’s next?�)

Ed Robertson said he couldn’t live with himself if he had NOT came out to show his dissent towards the President , his policies, and his vice-President (roll tape#4 o.q.� something going on there, okay?�)

A woman who was identified only as Martha said she hoped that mainstream media outlets would cover the protest to let inform others why there is such dissent against a president, who is barely grazing 40% in the polls (roll tape#5 o.q. “something there�)

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