INTERWEAVE CONFERENCE, Clearwater - Kris Temple and Sabrina Sojourner - Mary Glenney, Women's Show


Kristin Temple, Interweave Conference Planner, UU of Clearwater. Kristin will provide information about the National Interweave Convocation, “Accepting Ourselves, Accepting Each Other,� which will take place at the UU Church in Clearwater February 24-26.

Sabrina Sojourner, Keynote speaker and former congresswoman from DC. Sabrina is a nationally recognized educator on diversity and multiculturalism. The first openly lesbian congresswoman, she was elected by a whopping 83% of the vote. Sabrina will deliver the keynote speech Saturday evening at the conference, “Diversity and Living By the Heart.�

For more information on the conference: For more information on Interweave:

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