THE BAPTIZING OF AMERICA: The Religious Right's Plans For The Rest Of Us- interview with Rabbi James Rudin


U.S. Jewish leaders say they are increasingly worried that Christian conservatives want to turn America politically and culturally into a country that tolerates only their brand of Christianity.

"There is a feeling on all sides that something is changing," said Abraham Foxman, director of the New York-based Anti-Defamation League.

"The polls indicate a very serious thing - that over 60 percent of the American people feel that religion and Christianity are under attack," he said.

The issues raised by Foxman and others go deep into American society, ranging from challenges to teaching evolution to bans on abortion and same-sex marriage or deciding. And what kind of people who should serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Every room (from bedroom to classroom) in the American mansion is under assault to impose either de facto or de jure a Christian theocracy - I call them Christocrats," said Rabbi James Rudin, former head of interreligious activities for the American Jewish Committee.

"They are people who believe there should be a legally mandated Christian nation, where the concept of separation of church and state is weakened or abandoned," he added.

Rudin said he has met pastors "who say that Jesus Christ is the ultimate leader of America and that God's law trumps the Constitution ... I'm very concerned."

Our guest was author: Rabbi James Rudin,

"The Baptizing of America" (Thunder's Mouth Press) exposes the systematic campaign by some Christian fundamentalists to co-opt and take over every "room" of American society from the bedroom to the schoolroom, hospital room, operating room, courtroom, work room, reading room and newsroom.

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