State Representative wants boot camp moratorium by Mitch E. Perry


A Florida lawmaker says he intends to file legislation to impose a moratorium on all the state's juvenile boot camps, after viewing a videotape of a limp 14-year old being struck by guards in such facility. Martin Anderson died shortly afterwards.

Tallahassee State Representative CurtisRichardson, said he wants the camps shut down until there are uniform standards for all of them. (roll tape#1 o.q.�juvenile offenders�) The Tallahassee Democrat newspaper reported that Richardson also seeks to lift the state sovereign immunity cap, in case a suit is filed. The cap limits suits to the state to $200,000. Representative Richardson says that’s not quite right (roll tape#2 o.q.�in this case�)

The Anderson death has remained shrouded in controversy. Late last week, the medical examiner who underwent an autopsy of Martin Anderson, - Dr. Charles Siebert, the medical examiner of Bay County, said Anderson died of a blood disorder, not a beating by guards at the juvenile boot camp.

That angered the mother of Anderson and others who have observed the videotape of Anderson being beaten. Then on Monday, previous mistakes made by Siebert were brought to light by 57 year old Frances Terry, who said that Siebert made several errors about her daughter and her husband after they were killed from injuries suffered from Hurricane Jeanne in September of 2004. Terry said that her concerns went unanswered for over a year… Again, Tallahassee Democratic State Representative Curtis Richardson (roll tape#3 o.q.�any capacity�)

Dr. Seibert has not responded to the latest charges by the Terry family made public.

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