Christina Chavez and UFW


In a 4 part series last month, the Los Angeles Times reported on problems with the United Farm Workers, the farm workers organization created by the late Caesar Chavez. The controversial report , written by Miriam Pawel, has been met with vehement criticism from the UFW, who say the story had deep “journalistic flaws�

The LA Times 4 part article reported on how the union has strayed from its original mission, and has failed to organize any significant number of workers over the years. It says that Farm Worker Movement operates more like a family business, making financial decisions in order to expand the enterprise and enhance the founder's reputation.

Christina Chavez is Cesar Chavez’s granddaughter, and served for more than 5 years as Political Director of the UFW…She’s now a political candidate in California…running for a State Assemblyseat…..WMNF spoke with Christina Chavez last month, and asked about the damning charges in the Times piece (roll tape#1 o.q.� Earning a livable wage�)

That’s Christina Chavez, the granddaughter of the late Cesar Chavez from the United Farm Workers…Chavez is part of a group advocating for Same Sex Marriages called Freedom to Marry, the gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide. We’ll play excerpts from that part of our interview in the days ahead.

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