Impeachment Fervor growing? By Mitch E. Perry


Last we reported on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approving a resolution that would advise their Congressional Representatives to support the impeachment of President Bush, And Vice President Dick Cheney. No word yet on whether Mayor Gavin Newsom will endorse the idea.

Two other California cities - Santa Cruz and Arcata - have also adopted impeachment resolutions. Similar resolutions are pending in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Newfane , Vermont.

As President Bush’s poll numbers continue to plummet, and more mistakes made on his watch continue to proliferate, the talk of impeachment has begun to grow.

Republican Senator Arlen Specter admitted that could be a credible scenario, if it is determined that the President broke the law when he allowed for domestic spying without a court warrant.

But is it really credible, as Republicans continue to outrank Democrats on Capitol Hill

Democratic Party activist Bob Fertik is now running a new political action committee, Impeach . WMNF asked Fertik what, if anything, is accomplished by more and more localities calling for impeachment (roll tape#1 o.q.�they can be made in his defense�)

That’s Bob Fertik, with the group ..You can go to that website,, for more information

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