Candidate wants voting paper trail by Mitch E. Perry


Ever since many of Florida’s biggest Counties went to touch-screen voting machines 4 years ago, activists and some politicians have said a verifiable proof of the voters decisions should be a part of the process – a paper trail. But such complaints have gone nowhere in the Sunshine State, with then Secretary of State Glenda Hood showing little interest in the concept.

But now one of the leading Democrats in the State Legislature – Alachua County State Senator and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Rod Smith has introduced a bill requiring paper trails of all votes.

WMNF spoke with Senator Smith about his proposal today…We began by asking him how long he’s been interested in getting a paper trail . South Florida Democratic Congressman Robert Wexler filed a lawsuit over 2 years agoagainst Palm Beach County’s Supervisor of Elections and Secretary of State Hood, demanding a papertrail. That suit was subsequently thrown out. (roll tape#1 o.q.�requires verification�)

That’s Gainsville State Senator Rod Smith, discussing his legislation on requiring a paper trail on electronic voting machines. Stay tuned tomorrow night on the Evening News to hear Senator Smith discuss his thoughts about education and insurance as the Legislative session begins

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