Rod Smith Takes on the FCAT


Last night on the Evening News Democratic State Senator Rod Smith told WMNF that believes that a bill he has introduced that would require that all electronic voting machines in Florida become equipped with a paper receipt will get support in the Legislature.

Smith currently trails Tampa Congressman Jim Davis in most polls in the race for the Democratic party nomination for Governor – though a majority of Floridians have yet to make up their mind about the race.

In the 2nd part of our interview with Rod Smith, the State Senator from Gainsville says he not only opposes Governor Bush’s call for merit pay for teachers whose students excel at the FCAT, but that he’d like to ban the controversial assessment test outright.

But first, we asked him about the problems with insurance in the Sunshine State. Due to the 7 major hurricanes that have plowed thru Florida in the past 2 years, insurance rates for ever homeowner in the state are – pardon the expression – going thru the roof (roll tape#1 o.q. “what should we do with it�)

That’s Gainsville State Senator Rod Smith, who is preparing for the Legislative session that will begin next week in Tallahassee. Smith is also very busy running for the Democratic nomination for Governor .

Senator Smith’s proposal also would require legislature's independent auditing arm to review the effect of the FCAT on what kids are learning, on the state graduation rate and on youngsters with disabilities and those learning English

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