Interview with Raging Granny Vicki Ryder - Lisa Marzilli


You might see them on a street corner at an anti war protest or maybe in the chambers of the city commission. They’re the ones dressed in the wide-brimmed hats and brightly colored shawls. They are the Raging Grannies.

The Raging Grannies were formed in Victoria, Canada in 1987 when a group of women, worried about nuclear-armed vessels coming into Canadian waters, decided to get their message out by singing protest songs. Their first action took place on Feb 14th when they presented a broken heart Valentine to the Defense Committee Chairman for his lack of commitment on nuclear issues.

There are more than 50 chapters of the Raging Grannies across of the globe. One of the newest was formed in Delray Beach by Vicki Ryder who also founded a chapter in Rochester N.Y. WMNF spoke to Vicki Ryder and we began by asking her how she first found out about the group. (roll tape #1 o.q. “help you get started�)

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