Women of Faith Building Community - Lisa Marzilli


In January, WMNF covered the story about a group of Muslims who were forced to relocate a youth retreat after the facility received death threats. The Muslim American Society of Tampa had planned to hold a leadership workshop for Muslim youth at Cedarkirk Camp, a Presbyterian conference center in Lithia.

Just prior to the event the facility received death threats after right-wing blogger Joe Kaufman wrote on the website AmericansAgainstHate.com that the event would be a "children's jihad retreat, with guest speakers linked to al-Qaeda�. The Cedarkirk board decided to shut the camp down for the weekend forcing the Muslim American Society to relocate the conference.

That incident highlighted the level of fear and misunderstanding there is among the public about those who practice the Muslim faith and in response sparked the formation of the group Women of Faith Building Community. WMNF sat down with two of its members, Nancy Greenlees and Pilar Saad. We began by asking about one of the group’s goals which is to get involved with community outreach organizations like Metropolitan Ministries. Pilar Saad... (roll tape #1 o.q. “something really beautiful�)

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