Sportswriter says Bonds being unfairly targeted by Mitch E. Perry


On Tuesday around noon Eastern Time, Sports Illustrated posted on its website an excerpt from a new blockbuster book that says definitively that Major League Baseball’s biggest superstar, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds, has used steroids since before the 1999 Major League Season.

CNN reported it as breaking news about an later. All 3 Major Television networks featured the story in its first segment of their Evening NewsCast that night.

Why the interest?

Because Bonds, the 41 year ballplayer who until he was injured last year, had won 4 consecutive Most Valuable Player Awards, and is within 48 homers of breaking one of the great records in all of sports, Henry Aaron’s 755 homeruns.

And he is only 6 away from Babe Ruth’s 714 homeruns…..But rumors that Bonds has used performance enhancing drugs has spread as his physical size has increased over the years, as well as his power, when generally athletes bodies begin to deteriorate.

Last year, after former baseball player Jose Canseco wrote his book “Juiced� in which he alleged that he shared steroids with former baseball star Mark McGwire and named others as using steroids, Congress intervened, holding a dramatic daylong hearing…Baseball was criticized for having a poor drug testing program, that has since been upgraded…But for most of the years that Bonds, McGwire and others may have used drugs, it was perfectly legal in the game, though not in society, to used steroids.

Now, there is pressure on Commissioner Bud Selig to suspend Bonds, or name an independent prosecutor to investigate the charges in the new book, “Game of Shadows “. Such as when John Dowd was hired to investigate charges about Pete Rose gambling back in 1989..Former Commissioner Fay Vincent says Selig should hire somebody with stature, like former US Senator George Mitchell, or former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

Dave Zirin writes for Counterpunch, and other alternative publications about sports….On his website,, this week he writes about the Bonds controversy in a column entitled, “Burying Barry: Bonds and the Chain of Command�….We asked Zirin today if he thinks Selig will name an independent prosecutor to investigate the claims in the book, and should he ? (roll tape#1 o.. strains credulity at the end of the day�)

That’s sportswriter Dave Zirin, author of the book, “What’s My Name, Fool : Sports and resistance in the U.S.�…His column on Barry Bonds can be found on the web at his blog –

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