THE ASSUALT ON THE EVERGLADES: author Michael Grunwald on his new book THE SWAMP


The largest environmental restoration project in history is underway in the Florida Everglades. It’s being used as a blueprint for projects across the globe.

The Everglades is a World Heritage site and the most famous wetland on earth…. It stretches from Lake Kissimmee south to Lake Okeechobee from there flows south, through the center part of the state between Naples and Miami.

Award winning Washington Post journalist Michael Grunwald has written a new book tracing the history of the Everglades from the break up of the continents to today…. One reviewer called it the "the definitive account of South Florida's incredible journey from marshland to megalopolis�.

Grunwald joined us during this segment to discuss the history of the Everglades and the status of the restoration project. Grunwald will be speaking tonight at Borders Books in Tyrone Square in St. Petersburg, tomorrow (Wednesday night) at Inkwood Books in Hyde Park in Tampa and on Thursday night at the Poynter Institute auditorium in St. Petersburg.

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