THE ORLANDO BUSINESS JOURNAL REPORTS THAT IN Florida- as we all know---, open space is vanishing, its highways are clogged with polluting traffic jams, and every day, 860 acres of its forests and farmland are lost to development. Florida is changing rapidly and a lot of what drew people here in the first place is gone forever.

Our first guest, Bill Belleville is a veteran outdoors writer and documentary film maker--- he’s written a new book called LOSING IT ALL TO SPRAWL: HOW PROGRESS ATE MY CRACKER LANDSCAPE (University Press of Florida) about his home, in northern Seminole county, which is being surrounded by development. Bill talked about the impact on nature and what we are losing as growth continues unabated. Bill will be speaking locally, April 4, Tuesday. 7 p.m. Lecture and book signing at Dunedin Public Library. Open to public. Dunedin, Florida.

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