The Tampa city council is looking at ways to pave more of the alleys in Ybor city with bricks, and is looking into requiring developers to pay for it.. At the request of the council, Roy Lamotte the manager of the city’s transportation division, gave a report on the number of alleys in Ybor which are currently paved.

ACT-Lammott “thee are 86 boundary, they are of various materials, there is 4.5 percent of brick in the alleys, it would cost 3 million dollars, there is really only one that totally brick today. The majority only have entries of bricks..

The ideal is to use older, more authentic bricks in the historic Ybor Neighborhood, but Lamotte explained that’s expensive, and resources are limited.

ACT-Lamotte “we have 55 miles of brick street and we only have 15 percent of material to repave, and its not stockpile, and wed have to clean them up and the cost would be new bricks..’

Councilwoman Linda Saul Sena noted that the interstate is still being widened, and when older brick streets are torn up, the city could be given the bricks by the department of transportation, as was previously the practice until for some reason it was stopped. Councilwoman Mary Alvarez noted that almost 18 percent of the alleys in Ybor are currently dirt, and she would like them to be paved.

Alvarez—4:20 “maybe we could do 2 a year and do something with the brick we have. You go to west chase and their alleys are beautiful ours are bad. If we have a chance to utilize bricks this is a way for us to start.�

Saulsena then suggested that the city could require that developers pave with bricks any alleys adjacent to their construction of renovation projects.

SaulSena 6:20 “I know its expensive, and I know we need an inventory, but in concert with redevelopment to go with dirt and grass..ALVAREZ..thats why I say 2 a year, dirt alleys, that would be an enhancement to the people cleaning as well..’

Councilman John Dingfelder noted that would not currently be legal.

ACT-Ding “8:10 “if you have a developer that is benefiting from half the alley , its reasonable to ask them to pave brick, but its not part of our code, so if you can add that to the motion, how can we tweak the code to require that of developers.�

The council decided to ask LaMotte to come back in a couple of months with cost estimates for how much it would cost and how many bricks it would use to do a couple of alleys a year, and to meet with the city’s legal department to determine if developers could be forced to pave alleys near their projects.

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