Author on Boot Camps explains her motivation by Mitch E. Perry


Maia Szalavitz

On Wednesday, the Evening News aired the first part of an interview with journalist Maia Salavitz, who has just written an expose of boot camps and similar juvenile facilities, called “Help At Any Cost: How The Troubled –Teen Industry Cons Parents and Hurts Kids�.

Her book is filled with different stories about young people and their parents involved in such treatment programs, frequently called “Tough Love� programs. One chapter involves the plight of one Aaron Bacon, and his parents, Sally and Bob, from Pheonix Arizona.

As Salavitz writes, Aaron Bacon was, by all accounts but those of the people who killed him, an extraordinary, sensitive person. (roll tape#1 o.q.�and do something about it�)

That’s reporter Maia Salavitz, speaking about her own experience in leading her to write “Help At Any Cost�…..She currently is a senior fellow at, a media watchdog group that investigates coverage of science and statistics.

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