Janitor strike continues to University of Miami by Mitch E. Perry


In Coral Gables, just outside of Miami, the labor dispute between university subcontractor UNICCO and the Service Employees International Union, which wants to represent the janitors, has now dragged on for 2 months. The University has raised the janitors’ hourly pay and offered a health plan, but strikers want University of Miami President Donna Shalala to go further.

They want her to persuade UNICCO to accept the union’s demand for a ‘card check’ which would allow workers to unionize when a majority sign cards. UNICCO favors a secret ballot.

But the campaign by the Janitors continues to pick up heat…On Tuesday, former Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards and Teamsters President James Hoffa joined protestors as they marched to Shalala’s office…She wasn’t there.

And now other members from the SEIU from around the country are coming by to relieve those who were on a hunger strike

Such as Eliseo Medina, International Executive Vice President of the Service Employees International Union, who lives in Houston, but began fasting in Miami since last Friday. (roll tape#1 o.q.�They’re saying�)….

That’s Eliseo Medina, International Executive Vice President of the SEIU….discussing the dispute between UNICCO and the SEIU, which wants to represent University of Miami Janitors….

Earlier this week, a judge in Miami ruled against union protestors, banning them from disrupting any activities on the UM campus.

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