Caldicott in Tampa by Mitch E. Perry


Dr. Helen Caldicott IS in the Tampa Bay Area this weekend. Tomorrow night she will speak at 7:30 PM at the Neel Auditorium in Bradenton. WMNF spoke with her today about nuclear weapons and nuclear power…..

We followed up discussing Iran by talking about other countries getting the Bomb, such as Pakistan in 1998…..Many of the people celebrated when that happened – feeling in some ways that they were now equal to their bitter rival India….But meanwhile, many of their people go without basic necesitites…WMNF asked Dr. Caldicott about that dichotomy (roll tape#2o.q.�be corrected�)

That’s author and physician Dr.. Helen Caldicott….She’ll be speaking in Bradenton tomorrow night , at the Neel Auditorium at 7:30….For more information, you can call 941- 721-3486…That’s 941-721-3486….

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