Florida’s chief financial officer and republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Gallagher was in Tampa today, campaigning for governor at a meeting of the Florida association of Mortgage Brokers.

ACT “Some people tell you 4 people are running for governor, 2 dems, …I say 3 lawyers and 1 the next businessman..�

Gallagher told the story of how when he was first elected to the state legislature, there were only 43 republicans out of 120 members. He was one of 30 legislators from Dade County, and all other 29 were Democrats. But his background is in real estate, and he spoke to the interest of the 50 or so mortgage brokers, not necessarily the average Floridian..

ACT “There’s no doubt we’ve all benefited forma wonderful economy..low unemployment, 200 mortgage brokers a month, its been an exciting time to be in Florida..�

Gallagher said he supports having the ‘save our homes’ regulation become portable. Save our homes is a regulation that limits the amount someone’s property tax can go up to 3%. Under his proposal, if that person bought a new, more expensive house, no matter how much more the assessed taxes would be, the rise could still be limited to 3 percent.

ACT “It is imperative that we keep taxes down…its your own money, and we have to let you have it..I wanted to repeal the intangibles tax..�

Gallagher said he was glad the legislature is eliminating joint and several liability. He also said tax increases by local governments should regulated.

ACT “I believe we should restrict tax increases to growth plus inflation, and if the local govt wants to do more, i'm for it, increase taxes, vote on it..�

Gallagher said Florida is behind on road construction, and traffic is getting really bad, but instead of proposing public transportation, Gallagher had his own proposal.

ACT “Anyone been on I-95, well if we doubled the road, it would cost a billion a mile…so lets think of other a road above 95, you own it for 50 years, and after 50 years the state gets it. Id be willing to pay, maybe only 2 stops in Dade, but that’s ok. Those that want to go slow, stay below.�

On the issue of education, Gallagher said he hopes the legislature puts a proposal on the fall ballot to protect opportunity scholarships from being ruled illegal by the Supreme Court. He also defended the governors A plus education plan, the grading of schools and the FCAT.

ACT �in 99 when we first did the FCAT, 51 percent of kids read at grade level, now 71 percent and more than half of af-americans and Hispanics..’

Gallagher also said that high school should include a component about credit.

ACT “More college students drop put of college because of credit card debt that bad grades…I couldn’t have gotten scared, today they are in the mail, at football games, and we wonder how come our credit s in bad shape, we need to teach high school if they knew that we would have more people with a home preserve a lifestyle if they were aware of decisions we nee to be teaching that in school, or parents..�

Gallagher, as the states former insurance commissioner, is constantly peppered with questions about what can be done about rising home insurance costs. Today when he was asked, he said a major contributor to the problem was created when he wasn’t able to stop it.

ACT “Year end statements come out—record profits, but were getting hit—anybody wonder why…ill tell you why…after Andrew I set up hurricane fund..the companies applied for and set up companies, State form in FL, I said no, I want the risk spread among all policy holders, and they wanted the cake and eat it o, so who would of believed. So in 96, they were allowed to do it, once they have it, they cant keep it, and now our rates are based in Fl cause that’s the only place they do business..�

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