Free screening for Skin Cancer to take place at Lowry Park on Saturday May 6 by Mitch E.Perry


According to the latest statistics available from the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cancer of the skin is the most common of all cancers in the United States.

Other important items to note regarding this cancer is that there are more than 1 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed in the US each year. And, although exposure to the sun's ultraviolet or UV rays is said to be the most important factor in the cause of skin cancers, about 70 percent of American adults do not use sun-protection measures.

Because of these concerns, the Skin Cancer Foundation and Doak Dermatologics are joining the American Academy of Dermatology this Saturday to give free skin cancer screenings this Saturday at Lowry Park Zoo.

Dr. Natalie Monticciolo is a New Port Richey dermatologist. She says the screenings will be held inside an RV in the Zoo. WMNF spoke with Dr. Monticelo today…We began by asking her if light complected people, or those who have been out in the sun a lot lately are most vulnerable (roll tape#1 o.q.�That’s the best thing to�)

That’s New Port Richey dermatologist Dr. Natalie Monticiollo…She’ll be part of a team that will be at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa’s Seminole Heights this Saturday, beginning at 9:30 Am and lasting until 7PM. In fact, organizers are attempting to set the Guiness World Records for the most people screened for skin cancer in a single day.

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