David Sirota Part I by Mitch E. Perry


The Chicago Tribune describes David Sirota’s new book, “Hostile Takeover� as a book that tells you more about our corporations and politicians than our corporations and politicians think you really ought to know, while the website alternet calls it one of the most important books to come along in awhile…

Sirota used to work as a Press Secretary to Vermont Socialist Congressman Bernie Saunders…He now advises Montana’s Governor, Democrat Brian Scheitzer

He’s also worked as a chief spokesman for the Democrats on the House Appropriations C Committee……In the introduction to his book, Sirota writes that most books about politics aren’t written to explain the real life day to day challenges facing the regular people demographic….and he says there’s a reason for that…WMNF asked him : what was that reason?(roll tape#1 o.q.�and then what you can do about it�)

That’s David Sirota, author of “Hostile Takeover�….We’ll air the 2nd part of our interview with him tomorrow night on the Evening Newscast.

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