Tim Bristol talks about Tongass Forest by Mitch E. Perry


Recently, the U.S. Forest Service used $1.5 million in taxpayer dollars to build roads for a logging company which only paid $180,000 for the trees it cut using that road.

And Since 1980, over one billion dollars of taxpayer money has been wasted on punching logging roads – what critics deride as “Roads to Nowhere� - into wild forests in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska

Next week a Congressional vote is expected to be held on cutting spending for road building in the Tongass …… Tim Bristol is the Director of the Alaska Program for Trout Unlimited, based in Juneau…He also served as the Executive Director of the Alaska Coalition, worked as a grassroots organizer for the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and as the Alaska Representative for the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition.

WMNF spoke with him about these so called “Roads To Nowhere�, which do not appear to be a wise investment in Tax payer dollars (roll tape# 1 o.q.� .of the forest�)

That’s Tim Bristol , director of the Alaska Program for Trout Unlimited, based in Juneau Alaska. He was speaking to WMNF about the Tongass National Forest, the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world.

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