Les Miller on Florida Legislative Session by Mitch E. Perry


Florida Governor Jeb Bush called the end of the 2 month Legislative session that ended Friday night “an awesome session�, despite getting rejected on both the Class Size Amendment and School vouchers, a couple of his signature issues.

But Bush did have some victories – such as beating the trial lawyers on liability-lawsuit changes, repealing the intangibles tax he has always called “insidious�, winning a batch of other business oriented tax breaks and succeeding with his “A-plus-plus� education plan.

One of those legislators in Tallahassee trying his best to oppose the GOP Agenda is Tampa State Senator Les Miller, the Senate Minority Leader.

WMNF asked Senator Miller if he thinks the final results of this session were in fact “awesome “ for Governor Bush and the GOP agenda ?(roll tape#1 o.q.�that point on “)

Perhaps the biggest issue that lawmakers had to work on was home property Insurance. . Despite some efforts, everybody who owns a home in Florida will see their insurance rates rise in the next year.

Citizens Property Insurance, the insurer of last resort which is facing large deficits, will get $715 million dollars…But lawmakers voted to spread that out over a decade, meaning that the assessment on ALL property insurance policyholders in the state will be around $10 a year, instead of $200.

But rates for everybody – especially Citizens customers WILL Go up….Legislators did vote for $250 million dollars to go into a program to harden homes against hurricanes.

But some Democrats say the measures do too much to help out the insurance industry, versus consumers. Again, Senate Minority Leader Les Miller (roll tape#2 o.q.�and you saw the bill that came out�)

That’s Senate Minority Leader Les Miller….Now that the session is over, Senator Miller will change gears and start seriously campaigning for Congressman Jim Davis’seat in Congress, where he is considered among the top contenders to vie for the seat…We’ll hear more from him about some other issues that percolated in the Capital tomorrow night.

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