State Senator Les Miller on Legislative Session part II by Mitch E. Perry


Last year, Florida lawmakers approved a plan to give themselves – provided citizens approved it this November, an extention of term limits, from 8 to 12 years.

But the plan, which did not exactly garner enthusiasm in large numbers, died in the State Senate.

Florida voters originally instituted Term limits in 1992, when 77% of the state backed the 8 is Enough “ nstitutional Amendment that granted a maximum of eight years in office to lawmakers and Cabinet officials.

But there are some people who say that term limits have NOT been a good thing for Florida.

State Senate Minority Leader Les Miller voted against the extension of term limits, but understands the argument made that something is lost when experience is not valued (roll tape# 1o.q. “does not go on�)

That’s Tampa State Senator Les Miller, who now will step down from his post now to run for Congress in the 11th District, the seat being vacated by Jim Davis as he runs for Governor.

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