The only Democratic candidate running for Florida attorney general took a hard line against sexual predators today in Clearwater. The week after the state legislative session ended, Senator Skip Campbell spoke to members of the Suncoast Tiger Bay club as he continues campaigning for the office now occupied by Charlie Crist. WMNF’s Roxanne Escobales sat in the audience and filed this report.


Senator Walter Skip Campbell of Broward County did not mince his words today. Although he now is serving his final term in the state Senate, he intends to stay in politics.

Pledging to create a unit dedicated to combating those who prey on children over the internet, Campbell made it very clear to the audience at the Feather Sound Country Club that the emotional issue of peadophilia tops his agenda.


Other campaign promises did not stray from this vein. He denounced price-gouging of gasoline and defrauding the elderly – issues that would mean political death to disagree with.

But what most interested the audience of Tiger Bay club members during a question and answer session after his speech were his opinions on immigration. Senator Campbell quickly pointed out that the United States needed to secure its borders better,


But then went on to say that immigrants in low level jobs played an important role in American society.


On his campaign website,, the senator who uses his nickname Skip offers voters an image of a man with humble, working class roots. Now estimated to be worth 12 million dollars, he projects the American Dream of success through hard work.


The only Democrat on the ballot for attorney general, Senator Skip Campbell will find out who is Republican opponent will be at the end of the summer after the GOP primaries. Up for nomination in the Republican party are Congressman Bill McCollum, state Senator Burt Saunders, and state representatives Everett Rice and Joe Negron.

For WMNF news in Clearwater, I’m Roxanne Escobales.

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