Public Financing Campaign group begins campaign by Mitch E. Perry


One of the most frequent criticisms of the way that politics works in the U.S. is that it takes money – lots of money – for people to run for office, eliminating many citizens whose ideas are as good if not better than better heeled candidates.

One way to even the playing field would be for public financing of campaigns. Currently citizens do this all ready – if you check the box on your tax return, 3 dollars of that return goes into the funds provided to the Democratic and Republican candidates for President.

And there are some states who have also passed legislation allowing for some of public campaigns.

There is a new advocacy group now pitching the issue nationally: They’re called Just 6 Dollars .Org…Yesterday, members of the group – which include a bi-partisan group of former Senators Bill Bradley, Bob Kerry, Warren Rudman, and Alan Simpson, discussed the plan….John Rauh is a former Senate Candidate, and the founder of the organization. WMNF asked him how public funding systems are working in the 2 states that have approved such measures – in Arizona and Maine (roll tape#1 o.q.�to buy influence�)

That’s John Rauh…He lost to Judd Gregg in the race for US Senate back in 1992, and he’s the founder and president of American for Campaign Reform and their campaign “just 6 dollars….� You can learn more about the group at their website; Just 6

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