The Florida wildlife Federation has conducted what they say is the first poll of hunters and Anglers asking whether they are concerned about Global warming. According to the poll, those who spend time, and often make their living in the wild, are personally seeing the effects of global warming, and are increasingly concerned. Manly Fuller is the president of the Florida wildlife federation. ACT-Fuller “One of the groups that has the most to lose is hunters…we have (numbers), jobs, dollars..�

The 20 minute survey of 304 hunters and anglers was conducted in March and April, the survey, which has a margin of error of 5 or 6 percentage points. Mark Duda, works with responsive management, the company which conducted the survey. ACT-Duda “Incredible numbers, 9 or 10 concerned about red tide, coral bleaching..�

Almost 9 out of 10 respondents said that the US should be a leader in addressing global warming. ACT-Duda �74 percent of sportsman said they want action to be taken..�

40 percent of the surveys respondents identified themselves as conservative, 35% said they were moderate, 11% said they were liberal. 46% said they were republicans and 23% identified themselves as democrats. Duda says that candidates campaigning to be Florida’s next governor should take note. ACT-Duda “Governor..6 out of 10 more likely to vote for a candidate that worked on global warming..� ACT-Duda “The survey was 20 minutes long, and as it went on, the opinion became stronger, and its dawned on them..’

The survey found that 80% of those surveyed either strongly or moderately agree that global warming is occurring, and 75% of those who voted for President Bush believe global warming is real. Steve O’Hara is Jacksonville based hunter and fisherman who is on the board of the national wildlife federation ACT-O’Hara 23:00 “The time to debate global warming is passed, its time to take action..the country is at a tipping point, what this poll shows is that it’s not a political issue..its not democrat or republican..�

O’Hara said the results mirror the results of a national poll. Eh says hunters like him are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of global warming because of what they are seeing out in the forests, oceans, and lakes. ACT-O’Hara “The level of awareness has grown exponentially..’

76% of Florida sportsman believe global warming is a serious threat to humans, and 73 percent think it is a serious threat to wildlife. ACT-Duda “What we saw is a convergance..these people are using the things, earlier springs etc.�

62% of the surveys total respondents voted for President Bush in 2004—and Fuller from the Florida wildlife federation says he believes its time for elected leaders to take action, as he believe the issue will effect future elections. ACT-Fuller “The key is that hunters who voted for bush, think the energy policy is on the wrong track…also hunters see effects of global warming..�

Duda said that the effects of the hunting publics dissatisfaction will be seen at the ballot box, not in the streets. ACT-Duda “Were not saying that sportsman are going to be on the steps of the capitol…� ACT-Duda “This is an important or emerging trend..its not top of the mind..its what hunters are seeing and’s the beginning of something to come..’

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