New Poll Shows Crist, Davis gaining on top opponents by Mitch E. Perry


3 Full months before Floridians will vote in the Primary Election for Governor, a new poll finds the leading candidates, Republican Charlie Crist and and Democrat Jim Davis are building up their support.

A Quinipiac poll released today shows overall, that, if the election were to be held today, Congressman Davis would squeak by Crist, 40 to 37 percent……The poll also shows a near identical result if Davis were to face Florida CEO Tom Gallagher this November.

Peter Brown is the Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.(roll tape#1 o.q.�Republicans overall�)

In fact, President Bush’s numbers in Florida are nearly as low as they have been in recent national polls…..Florida voters disapprove by a 60 to 36% margin the way Bush has been handling his job.

Floridians also say that going to Iraq was the wrong thing to do, by a 58 to 37 percent margin.

Back to state politics, Quinnipiac shows Congressman Davis whipping Senator Rod Smith by a 38 to 17 percent margin…..However, the poll finds nearly half those voters surveyed, or 41 percent , as being undecided.

Pollster Peter Brown says that when it comes to both Smith and Davis, both men are simply not that well known by a vast majority of the public (roll tape#2 o.q.�are pretty fluid�)

Quinnipiac also polled Floridians on who they support for President in 2 years time.

The Poll shows that the man who tops the polls nationally, Senator John McCain, actually is trailing badly another Republican. (roll tape#3 o.q.�the last 3 months�)

New York Senator Hilary Clinton is the choice of 44 percent of Florida Democrats, followed by former Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards with 17 percent.

The survey was conducted last week, and consists of interviews with over 1,086 registered voters..There were 31 more Democrats than Republicans surveyed.

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