Chloe Coney to run for County Commission by Mitch E. Perry


Across the street from the laundry mat that she helped bring to East Tampa, longtime community activist Chloe Coney announced her candidacy today for the Hillsborough County Commission District 3 seat, being vacated by Tom Scott later this year.

Wearing one of her more than 300 hats that is her signature fashion statement , Coney announced her bid for office just a week after stepping down after 14 years as director of the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa. (roll tape#1 o.q.�investing in people�)

The Corporation to Develop Communities, or CDC – which Coney has run since 1992 has worked to revitalize parts of East Tampa, one of the most economically depressed areas of the City by providing jobs and helping with business ownership and affordable housing.

And Affordable housing is an issue that Coney says she definitely wants to tackle if elected in November (roll tape#2 o.q�to live in�)

When Mayor Pam Iorio was elected 3 years ago, she told the public and the press that one of the issues that she wanted her tenure to be measured by was progress in East Tampa. WMNF asked Chloe Coney how she thinks the Mayor has fared so far? (roll tape#3 o.q.� business to East Tampa�)

When it comes to business opportunites, Joe Robinson has been a loud critic against the city of Tampa for not providing enough for minority owned to get contract. The Republican activist is running for Tampa City Council next year….He attended Chloe Coney’s news conference , saying he came to find out what she and all the candidates have to offer (roll tape#4 the Black community�)

Evangeline Best is another supporter of Coney. She also does community work in East Tampa, but dissented when asked if progress is happening at a rapid enough pace(roll tape#5 o.q.� all this red tape�)

Coney was joined at her news conference by about a dozen of friends and family members, including her husband of 36 years, the Reverend Ernest Coney, Sir (roll tape#6 o.q.�further her cause�)

Coney will be squaring off against Tampa City Councilman Kevin White, who is leaving his seat on the Council to run for the much more financially lucrative job as Commissioner. Democrat Dorothy Admire and Republican Ken Anthony are also in the contest..

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