THE GLOBAL CLASS WAR an interview with Jeff Faux


JEFF FAUX, The Global Class War: How America's Bi-Partisan Elite Lost Our Future and What It Will Take To Win It Back will speak at 7:30 PM Hyatt Sarasota June 13th.

Jeff Faux is the founding president and a distinguished fellow of the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, DC. Mr. Faux has researched, written and published studies on a wide variety of subjects, from the global economy to neighborhood community development — and from monetary policy to political strategy.

In addition, he has worked as an economist with the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity and the U.S. Departments of State, Commerce and Labor. He also has management experience in the financial industry. Previously, Mr. Faux worked as a consultant to governments at all levels, businesses, labor unions and community and citizen organizations. He serves on the boards of directors of several national organizations and two national magazines — and received a presidential appointment to the National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity.

In this interview with WMNF's Rob Lorei, Jeff spoke about how NAFTA failed to live up to it's promises of better jobs, an expanded middle class, a slowing of emigration from Mexico to the United States and how "free trade" expands the wealth at the top but does little to help low and middle income people.

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