WE WON'T PAY! WE WON'T PAY! by Dario Fo - Mary Glenney & Arlene Engelhardt, Women's Show


We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! – Jobsite presents Dario Fo at the Shimberg

Katrina Stevenson, actress. Katrina will talk about Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo’s side-splitting, anarchic, timely comedy of errors. Government is incompetent and prices are rising. The characters are driven by their collective hunger to break free from the constraints of poverty. This play offers an evening of comedic laughter at a rather loony illustration of what happens when people hit their limits. Sound relevant to today’s world?

We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! will be at the Shimberg through June 18th. (813) 229-STAR or e-mail www.tbpac.org. www.jobsitetheater.org

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