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Former Vice President Al Gore’s new film, An Inconvenient Truth, which outlines the science and politics behind global climate change, opens today in Tampa. But a preview screening was shown last night to several hundred people at the Sunrise Cinemas at Old Hyde Park Village in Tampa. WMNF’s Seán Kinane reports.

‘Tony Blair’s scientific advisor has said that “because of what’s happening in Greenland right now, the maps of the world would have to be redrawn.� If Greenland broke up and melted. Or if half of Greenland and half of west Antarctica broke up and melted, this is what would happen to the sea level in Florida.’

That was Al Gore in his new film, An Inconvenient Truth. In that segment he mentioned that melting in Greenland and in Antarctica has already occurred at an alarming pace. The scenarios he suggested, the complete loss of the Greenland or west Antarctic ice sheets, are not unlikely based on current rates of warming. If this happens, Gore showed maps indicating that global sea levels will rise by twenty feet and all of Pinellas and most of Hillsborough Counties will be under water.

On a trip to Antarctica, Gore observed scientists taking a core of ice to record the history of temperature and carbon dioxide over the last 650 thousand years. He saw first hand that changes we make in the United States can have a positive affect as far away as Antarctica.

‘When I was in Antarctica, I saw cores like this and a guy looked at it and he said “right here is where the US Congress passed the Clean Air Act� And I couldn’t believe it, but you can see the difference with the naked eye. Just a couple of years after that law was passed and it’s very clearly distinguishable.’

Those same cores from Antarctica confirmed that today’s levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are higher than they have been in the last 650 thousand years. Global temperatures over the last 1000 years nearly perfectly coincide with carbon dioxide levels, the higher the atmospheric carbon dioxide, the higher the temperature. Some of the consequences of global climate change include increased droughts and wildfires, stronger and more frequent storms, massive extinctions, and a breakdown of ocean currents, which could cause an ice age in Europe.

WMNF spoke with audience members after the film to get their reactions.


An Inconvenient Truth opens today in Tampa. For showtimes, call Sunrise Cinemas at 813-258-5640. The website for the film is

For WMNF News, I’m Seán Kinane

An Inconvenient Truth

Sunrise Cinemas at Old Hyde Park Village

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