Storms challenges Hillsborough Jails on undocumented immigrants by Mitch E. Perry


Today at the Hillsborough County Commission meeting, Colonel David Parrish, the man who runs the jails in Hillsborough , went before the commission to discussion a Jail Population Projection Report, was waylaid by Commissioner Ronda Storms, who challenged Parrish about how many undocumented immigrants are in the jails.

When Parrish replied that dealing with illegal immigrants is a Federal responsibility, and not his or the County’s , Storms seemingly would not accept that as an answer, though nothing has changed in the policy of late, except for a lot of publicity on the issue of illegal immigrants in the U.S., and that Storms is now running for a State Senate seat this fall(roll tape#1 o.q.�to do other wise�)

Colonel Parrish said that when somebody is picked up in Hillsborough for an illegal activity, they are charged and processed – regardless of their legal status. But he said that sometimes inmates don’t provide social security numbers, or false ones, and so the responsibility of listing whether somebody is undocumented has never been their responsibility.

Storms mentioned the arrest on Tuesday of 130 people in Hillsborough County on methamphetamine charges. (roll tape#2 o.q.�in the system�)

Parrish responded (roll tape#3 o.q.�somebodys’ responsibility�)

Parrish said that’s why the Sherriff’s Office previously applied for money from a Federal Program, but that program called SCAP – has been discarded.

Storms later proposed a motion asking that the Sherriffs Department take any additional actions to better determine the legal status of all incoming people in Hillsborough Jails.

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