Tom Gallagher Part II By Mitch E. Perry


On Tuesday, WMNF interviewed Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Gallagher….In the 2nd of 3 excerpts from that interview, we begin with asking the current Chief Financial Officer, and former Insurance Commissioner about perhaps the biggest issue in the state – rising property insurance rates.

Florida Democrats have blasted the legislation addressing this issue, saying it didn’t help homeowners avoid escalating assessments and premiums…But Gallagher defends the measure, and refutes the notion that the $715 million dollars given to the state insurer of last resort, Citizens, is in any way a ‘bailout’(roll tape#1 o.q.�get on and start moving�)

That’s Republican candidate for Governor Tom Gallagher…Gallagher trails Attorney General Charlie Crist in most polls for the Republican nomination for Governor.

Join us tomorrow for our 3rd and final interview with the candidate, in which he discusses his own views on immigration and off-shore oil drilling.

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