It was a love-fest at Tampa City Hall Thursday night.

The City Council—still enjoying the afterglow of its passage of the Central Park Community Redevelopment District that morning –gathered to hear public comment on redeveloping 48 acres of Tampa Heights as a mixed-use community.

The project envisions the construction of 1,900 low and high-rise residential units, plus parks, stores, community facilities, and even an entire mile of Mayor Iorio’s Riverwalk.

Tampa’s Economic Development Administrator, Mark Huey, gave a synopsis of why this little city in the city will be a great idea…

[roll tape…]

[Actuality 1- Huey1- “…this is a substantial development opportunity… in their development process�]

Councilwoman, Linda Saul-Sena summed-up the Council’s position on the Tampa Heights project…

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[Actuality 2- Saul-Sena- “… This is the most beautiful… the gift its going to give to our community…�]

Councilwoman Rose Ferlita wanted to know more about the affordable housing provision in the ordinances they were considering.

Apparently, the builders were not obligated to provide affordable housing on the project site, as was previously understood.

In fact, the ordinances stipulated that 10% of the total residential stock would be so-called affordable housing.

That would be 190 units.

But there was another option for the builder.

The developers’ spokesperson, Rhea Law, explained that option to the council and public audience…

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[Actuality 3- Rhea Law- “… We are obligated… in this area…�]

Aside from some small areas of confusion between the city and the builders, the evening was just about heaven on Earth for the gathered politicos, business-people and homeowners…

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[Actuality 4- Endorsements- “… We have endured crime… benefit us as small business-people…�]

But there was a moment when things did not move so smoothly. A member of the Tampa Heights Civic Association—Shaka Zulu –got up and—making clear he was speaking only as a citizen, not an official –asked the Council to slow down…

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[Actuality 5- Shaka Zulu- “… I have a deep concern… uninformed on what’s going on…�]

But Councilman Kevin White—apparently speaking for the entire council –would have none of it…

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[Actuality 6- Kevin White- “… This project has been long-coming… to slow the train down right now…�]

And then, after even more endorsements from community residents, White asked that the hearing close and a vote to be taken.

The motions passed unanimously.

And everyone gushed love and satisfaction.

For WMNF, I’m Stan Davis

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