Author of new book on organic food talks to WMNF by Mitch E. Perry


Organic food has become a juggernaut in the food industry, growing at 20 percent a year as products like organic produce, flour, corn chips and others compete for shelf space with conventional food products.

In the new book, Organic, Inc., author Samuel Fromartz takes the reader on a tour through the history of organic food and examines the business side of a movement with roots in the Counterculture.

In the first of a 2 part interview we’ll run tonight and tomorrow night, we began by asking him – how have we gotten to where we are now, with organic foods more popular than ever in the U.S.? (roll tape#1 o.q.�each one is reviewed�)

That’s Samuel Fromartz, the author of the new book, “Organics, Inc�, a look at the organic food movement in the U.S.

Please tune in tomorrow night to hear the 2nd part of this interview

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