Sam Fromartz Organics, Inc. Part II by Mitch E. Perry


In the new book, “Organic, Inc.� author Samuel Fromartz tells how an $11 billion dollar industry arose out of an alternative food movement….Organic food is now growing at at 20 percent a year. But what is organic food? Is it really better for you? Where did it come from and why are so many of us buying it?

In “Organic Inc�, among the many things Fromartz describes is the contrast of small time producers with some big time organic food producers, and the schism between them.

One of the biggest producers is Earthbound…Author Samuel Fromartz says their sheer size has led to some controversy (roll tape#1 o.q.�organic food products�)

That’s author Samuel Fromartz…His new book about the organic food industry in America, “Organic, Inc�is out in bookstores everywhere.

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