Marco Rubio's 100 Ideas by Mitch E. Perry


West Miami Republican House Member Marco Rubio is the incoming Speaker of the House, replacing Allan Bense.

Currently he’s traveling the state, gathering ideas, which he plans on publishing as a book.

Along with a couple of other GOP legislators – Ray Sansom and Dean Cannon – Rubio has created a website, in which citizens can submit the ideas. The legislators are also holding so called “idearaisers around the state� – the next one in the Tampa Bay area is scheduled for July 31st.

Marco Rubio visited the WMNF studios this afternoon. We began the interview by asking him about House Leadership. Not so much the fact that he’s taking over this year..But that his partners in 100 ideas – Ray Sansom and Dean Cannon – are already scheduled to lead the House in2008 and 2010, respectively…We asked Marco Rubio, is that a GOOD thing, that we know who the Speaker of the House will for the next 6 years?(roll tape#1 o.q.� political process�)

That’s West Miami Republican House member Marco Rubio, who will be the Speaker of the House next year when the Florida Legislature next convenes. The website where he is collecting ideas from the public is at

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