Rod Smith begins bus tour by Mitch E. Perry


Gainsville State Senator Rod Smith began a state wide bus tour today, starting out in Pensacola, and ending the week in Miami.

Smith will appear in Tampa tomorrow night, at Mise En Place, the French Restaurant and Democratic Party stronghold across the street from the University of Tampa, at 8PM. The public is invited.

Today Smith strongly defended his environmental credentials in a conversation with WMNF. That’s after it was mentioned to him that one reason that the Sierra Club said they endorsed his opponent – Jim Davis- in the Gubernatorial election – it was because of Smith’s close links to agribusiness (roll tape#1 o.q.�between those two�)

That’s Gainsville State Senator and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Rod Smith. He’ll be in Tampa tomorrow night for a campaign rally…That will take place at Mise en Place restaurant, beginning at 8PM…We’ll play more from our interview tomorrow night, where will hear Senator Smith talk about his views on immigration.

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