JOHN STEMBERGER IS A FORMER POLITICAL DIRECTOR OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF FLORIDA. HE IS PRESIDENT OF THE FLORIDA FAMILY POLICY COUNCIL, A CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN GROUP THAT TRIED TO KEEP TERRI SCHIAVO ALIVE LAST YEAR AND IS ACTIVE IN THE CAMPAIGN TO PUT A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT ON FLORIDA'S BALLOT TO BAN SAME SEX MARRIAGE. IN A RECENT ARTICLE IN HUMAN EVENTS MAGAZINE HE SAID, (Gubernatorial candidate) "CHARLIE CRIST IS A CONSERVATIVE IMPOSTER". Stemberger goes on to say,"Tom Gallagher (who is vying with Crist for the GOP nomination) is an adamant supporter of traditional marriage and Florida's families, and he has the real life experience to back this up. He proudly supports a ban on gay marriage. Charlie Crist refuses to come clean about his position on the issue. He offers lip service in support of traditional marriage, and then flip flops under pressure from the left. Just last year Charlie Crist said that there was no need for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union between one man and one woman."

During this interview Stemberger discussed Christian values, abortion, the Schiavo case, political pragmatism, the divide between social and economic conservatives, the conservative Christian turnout in elections, and the reasons he thinks Charlie Crist will lose his party's nomination.

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