Tampa Musician and newspaper editor Mike O’Neill kills himself by Mitch E. Perry


Tampa Musician and newspaper editor Mike O’Neill has passed away.

The 42 year old O’Neill reportadley committed suicide last night by jumping off the Sunshine Skyway. He left a note for his sister.

Lee Courtney is the Music Director At WMNF….He says that everybody in the music community will sorely miss O’ Neill (roll tape#1 o.q.�see that that happened�)

O’Neill played with a number of bands over the past 3 decades, including the Unrequited Loves, along with Monday Mornings, Nailbiters and Thee Cryptkicker5.

It was in that band that he performed with Laura Taylor. Taylor is now the Development Director with WMNF(roll tape#2 o.q.�I was very flattered�)

WMNF Music director Lee Courtney (roll tape#some of the newer bands�)

Laura Taylor says that O’Neill was a big fixture on the Tampa music scene for decades – and considered him a personal friend. But things had not gone well for O’Neill in recent years……Personal setbacks were exacerbated when he lost his job at The Tampa Tribune, where he worked on the Friday Extra section.

She was asked what she’ll remember about her friend (roll tape#4 o.q�in some way�)

Again, longtime Tampa area musician and music writer Mike O’Neill, dead by suicide at the age of 42.

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