The city of Palm Bay is set to vote today on an ordinance that intends to crack down on illegal immigration by imposing fines and possibly leveling criminal charges on employers hiring unauthorized workers.

Localities across the country are following the footsteps of the Pennsylvania city of Hazleton in trying to restrict the influx of illegal immigrants.

Palm Bay, a city of more than 80,000 in southern Brevard County, is the first Florida municipality to consider such legislation. Avon Park, in southwest Florida, is set to debate its immigration ordinance Monday. It has drawn national attention because it proposes to penalize people "that aid and abet illegal aliens."

In this segment we were joined by Blanca Gonzalez of the group IMMIGRANTS UNITED FOR FREEDOM. She talked about various immigrant and domestic groups that will rally this Sunday @ 4PM in Avon Park against the proposed law. She talked about how the law will separate families who have children who were born here and are U.S. citizens. She also discussed highway stops of people who "appear" to be Latino or foreign. She said in Avon Park there are already signs telling people to have their ID papers with them at all times and some businesses are refusing to serve people who do not speak English.

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