Hillsborough County Commission Candidate Speaks to WMNF by Mitch E. Perry


One of the more interesting local races this fall promises to be the Hillsborough County Commission seat held by the Republican incumbent, Chairman Jim Norman.

Norman – who just returned to work with the Commission this week after taking time off after heart bypass surgery – will face Democrat Joe Redner in the fall.

But there’s another candidate in the race: (J) Yamel Christina Arronte, running as an independent. The local Tampa native bills herself as a “Local Lady For Local Government�…She’s also a veteran, having served in the Army from 1989 thru 1993.

Jamel visited WMNF in our studios this afternoon….We began our conversation by asking her – why does she now want to run for elective office? (roll tape#1 o.q.�get a gallon of milk�)

That’s (J)Yamel Christina Arronte, running as an Independent candidate for the District 5 Countywide seat, currently held by Republican Jim Norman….Joe Redner is the Democratic candidate in the race. To learn more about her candidacy, go to the web at Arronte2006.com

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