In his role as Attorney General, Republican Charlie Crist opened a forum today on fraud against senior citizens in St Petersburg. The educational session at the Sunshine Center in St Petersburg was hosted by the Crist’s office and the AARP. WMNF’s Roxanne Escobales caught up with the gubernatorial candidate afterwards to talk about Crist’s campaign and what he believes are the major issues facing Florida’s elderly population.

ACT: Birthday song

That was AARP state director Bentley Lipscomb leading others in wishing Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist a happy 50th birthday today in St Petersburg, a city that has been called God’s Waiting Room because of the large elderly population. So it was fitting that Crist opened an educational meeting hosted by the AARP and the Florida Attorney General’s office for senior citizens to learn more about how to protect themselves against fraud and scams.


Just before the celebratory song, Lipscomb presented Crist with an oversized AARP membership card as members of the association for retired persons must be 50 or over to join.

When opening the forum, Crist described the many initiatives launched by him and previous attorney generals to help protect the aging in Florida, such as the Seniors Vs Crime program which operates 29 storefronts throughout the state, and using elderly volunteers, it has recovered over 4 million dollars for senior victims of scams. Or the website that finds the cheapest prices for prescription drugs in a given area.

Crist said that getting elected as attorney general four years ago was a humbling experience.


As Crist is running for governor this year, perhaps this is a feeling he would like to experience again come November. After his appearance WMNF asked Charlie Crist about where he stood on issues affecting the elderly.

ACT: Interview

Charlie Crist faces his main opponent Tom Gallagher in the Republican primaries on September 5th.

For WMNF in St Petersburg, I’m Roxanne Escobales.

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