Making your home more energy efficient got a little cheaper today as Progress Energy announced increased financial incentives for its more than half a million customers in the Bay Area.

Mother of two Tammy Matson had never heard of Progress Energy’s free home audit service until recently. After having one today she found that her home could use some improvements.

ACT: we have some leakage in our ducts…

Bill Snider is the Progress Energy auditor who checked over Matson’s home. He says he visits about 30 houses a week, but during summer he’s busier because people become more aware of energy consumption as their bills increase due to high cooling costs.


Progress Energy and other Bay area electric companies such as Tampa Electric offer free energy efficiency audits to customers to evaluate where buildings are using more energy than necessary. By addressing these problems, customers could shave up to 30 percent off their electricity bills.

Today, Progress Energy customers can receive more money from the electric company to make energy efficient changes in their homes, such as repairing leaking ducts.

ACT: if customers willing to participate in these energy efficiency measures we have in place… more money going back into their pocket

That was Progress Energy spokesman C-J Drake speaking outside the electricity company’s Clearwater offices. It was here where members of the media and the public were invited today to view demonstrations of how homes and businesses waste energy.

Here are some tips to lower your electricity bill.


As Tammy Matson has leaky ducts, she could benefit from the rebate offered by her electric company. Her monthly electricity bill would also be lowered from conserved energy.

ACT: We’re now spending $250 month on air conditioning…. If could bring it down… spend it on trips, vacations.

To find out about free home audits or financial incentives to make changes to your home, log onto or

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