As the September 5th primaries near, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Gallagher got firm support today from religious and social conservative groups. During a press conference the media was told in no uncertain terms that Gallagher and not his opponent and frontrunner Charlie Crist stood for solid Christian family values.

ACT: gay civil unions

That was John Stemberger, the president and general counsel of the Florida Family Policy, a group that stands for what it calls pro-family and pro-life issues.

Stemberger was joined by other state moral majority leaders in praising Gallagher for his history on fighting gambling, gay marriage and adoption and stem cell research.

Despite revelations that Gallagher cheated on his first wife and also had used drugs, Pam Moulson, the president of the Florida Prayer Network attested to Gallagher’s strong Christian faith.

ACT: not an election year conversion

Chrisitan morality was ever present in the endorsements today, straying into Gallagher’s position on scientific research. Bob Tuchton, the former president of Florida Right to Life, an anti-abortion group, spoke of Gallagher’s commitment to blocking stem cell research.

ACT: tuchton

Ocala Republican Representative Dennis Bexley who is a Baptist says these values become important because of one significant duty the next governor of Florida will have to perform in office: appoint two justices to the state Supreme Court.

Act: Bexley

The success or failure of the Gallagher campaign’s efforts to motivate Christian conservative voters will be determined on September 5th, when Gallagher is pitted against Charlie Crist in the race to become the Republican nominee for governor.

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