Katherine Harris Race/ Will Mc Bride by Mitch E. Perry


Katherine Harris received a grand jury subpoena from federal investigators and concealed the fact from some of her top campaign advisors.

The Tampa Tribune reported today that Harris most recent campaign manager – Glenn Hodas – said he learned about the subpoena while reviewing invoices with an attorney.

Hodas said the invoices were for work related to a Department of Justice Subpeona.

Katherine Harris has said she is cooperating with authorities and has been informed that she is ‘not a target’.

Harris ties to defense contractor Mitchell Wade and his company, MZM have drawn considerable attention in the past few weeks…..

Wade has pleaded guilty to bribing California Congressman Randy “Duke� Cunningham and funneling $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions to Harris in 2004. After having dinner with Wade, Harris tried to secure a special spending “earmark� that would have benefited MZM. Wade is now cooperating with federal prosecutors.

Meanwhile, a 2nd Republican challenger to Harris is demanding that she engage in a debate. Pinellas County Republican Peter Monroe joined with Leroy Collins Jr. in asking that the embattled Congresswoman debate the issues before the September 5th primary.

However, Monroe was reportadley booed yesterday when he took a shot at Harris before a group of Pinellas County Republicans.

The Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that Monroe left American Legion Post 24 in Bradenton minutes after his remarks, shocked that the crowd didn't agree with him.

The 3rd challenger to Harris in the GOP Primary is immigration attorney Will McBride, who stunned some political observers last week when he showed that he has 22% support in the race against Harris, though he still trails her by a substantial amount.

McBride spoke to WMNF yesterday. In the 2nd part of our interview, we talked foreign affairs – beginning with the huge topic of the current violence going on in the Middle East (roll tape# 1 o.q.�part of our campaign�)

That’s Orlando immigration attorney Will McBride, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Senate, where he’s trying to pull off a huge upset, knocking off the damaged but still favored candidate, Katherine Harris.

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