GOP Senate Race gets heated by Mitch E.Perry


Last night the campaign for Republican Senate candidate Will McBride called for an apology from Katherine Harris, after a Harris campaign supporter asked why he had changed his name from Rodriguez to McBride.

The incident – originally reported on the Evening News last Friday, occurred at the Bellair Women’s Republican Club in North Reddington Beach during the Q&A portion of the forum.

In the release, McBride said, “The real implication of the planted question was that somehow I should be embarrassed about my Latino heritage�, “I am William Richard McBride and always have been. I am also a proud Latino and always will be,�

McBride goes on to say:

“ Katherine Harris and her campaign staff are the ones that should be ashamed. But more important than an apology to me, Katherine Harris should also apologize to every Rodriguez and every person of Latino descent for implying that somehow they should be embarrassed about who they are.�

McBride was upset after it happened, as he told WMNF’s Roxanne Escobales on Friday (roll tape#1 o.q.�I don’t know�)

But apparently the McBride campaign tracked down the woman – named Jackie Brownhill – who allegedly told McBride, “The campaign asked me to ask you.�

Brownhill was clearly wearing a Harris sticker at the time.

WMNF then asked Katherine Harris about the incident (roll tape#2 o.q.’never heard that story�)

In his press release, McBride, who according to several polls is the strongest challenger to Harris at this time – 4 weeks before the Primary election, also said, ““This kind of dirty politics is what we need less of in campaigns, if Katherine Harris has a question to ask me about my family or my ethnic background she can ask me directly at any time.�

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